Vladimir Orlov


Orlov, Vladimir (05/051986, Saratov) - russian composer, teacher.

Member of the Union of Composers of Russian Federation, director of Saratov headquarters of the Youth Department of the Union of Composers of Russian Federation, creator and art-director of soloists’ ensemble “the Theatre of New Music”, laureate of international and national competitions, PhD in Art History.

In 2005 he graduated from Saratov Regional College of Art, finishing class of composition under the guidance of honored art worker Yuri Vladimirovich Massin. Then Vladimir studied composition in class of Associate Professor Vladimir Grigorievich Korolevsky and graduated from Saratov State Conservatoire in 2010. In 2013 he finished Saratov State Conservatoire postgraduate studies with PhD in Theory and History of Art (research supervisor - PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor Stanislav Valerievich Kryuchkov).

In 2010 Vladimir created ensemble “the Theatre of New Music” which is the only creative union in Saratov performing music of the 2nd half of the 20th century and music of modern composers.

In the same year he participated in composers’ seminars in the creative house “Rusa” in the localities near Moscow, which was held by the member of the Union of Composers of Russian Federation Board, chairman of the Association of Contemporary Music Viktor Alekseevich Ekomovsky. In the next year Vladimir participated in National Educational forum “Seliger-2011” (Tver), dedicated to modern academic music. Also, he visited workshops of such composers as Viktor Ekimovsky, Alexey Sioumak and Yaroslav Sudzilovsky, such musicologists as Rauf Farhadov, Yaroslav Timofeev, flutist Edith Fill, percussionist Marc Pekarsky.


  • Laureate of the Second Open National competition of composers for creation of choral works “Young classics” (Vologda, 2012).
  • Laureate of the First International competition of young composers behalf N.Y. Myaskovsky (Moscow, 2009).
  • Laureate of the 12th International Youth festival-competition “Hopes. Talents. Masters” (Bulgaria, 2007).
  • Laureate of the 21st National young musicians competition behalf D.B. Kabalevsky (Samara, 2006).
  • Laureate of the 2nd International Governor young musicians competition behalf B.A. Gavrilin (Vologda, 2004).
  • Laureate of the 4 International competitions behalf A. Schnittke (Saratov, 2008, 2006, 2004, 2002).
  • Laureate of the National Theory and History of Music Olympiad (Ryazan, 2002).


  • II Open Festival of Young Composers "One Eighth" (Rostov-on-Don, 6-8 November 2014);
  • IV International composer festival "New Music - New Reality" (Ekaterinburg, 8-11 October 2014);
  • I International forum of Young composers from UIS " Strategy XXI" (Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region (19-21 September 2014);
  • III Международный International MolOt-festival (2014);
  • International festival of Arts “the Earth of Children” (Saint-Petersburg, 2013).
  • 2nd International MolOt-festival (Saratov, Novosibirsk, 2013).
  • Composers’ Festival “One eighth note” (Rostov on Don, 2012).
  • 1st International MolOt-festival (Saratov - Saint Petersburg, 2012).
  • 2nd Interacademic composer festival “New music - new reality” (Ekaterinburg, 2010).
  • 13th International festival of Arts “Sergey Oskolkov and his friends” (Saint-Petersburg, 2009).


  • Grant of the Municipality Administration “Saratov City” in nomination for outstanding achievements in the field of culture, art and sport (2012).
  • Diploma of the Municipality Administration “Saratov City” for personal contribution into education of the younger generation and for the high level of professionalism in work.
  • Grant of the fond “Young Talents of Russia” (2004, 2007).

Vladimir’s works were performed in Russia (Saratov, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Rostov on Don, Vologda, Novosibirsk), Bulgaria (Dobrich), France (Paris), Armenia (Yerevan).



"Silence" (piano cycle in three parts: "In Search of Silence", "Among the stillness of the night," "Voice of Silence") op.1

"Schnittke-Humoresque" on piano 4 hands op.2 sheetmusic


"Memories of the old clown" (a piece for violin and piano), op.3


"Chains" (Quartet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon), op.4

"Little Fantasy" on the theme of Alfred Schnittke Violin, Cello and Piano op.5


Three Romances for medium voice and piano on poems by Pushkin ("I went to You", "flower", "What's in a name") op.6 sheetmusic

Suite for Piano in seven parts; 2005 op.7 sheetmusic

Three choirs on poems by N. Rubtsov ("The Old Man", "How nice," "Road Elegy") op,8


"Sketches" for cello and piano op.9

"Variations" for Flute, Cello and Piano op.10

"Signs of Love" (song for baritone and piano on poems Baratynskii) op.11

"Another's Soul" (a song cycle for soprano and piano in ten parts of the verses Natalia Kravchenko) op.12 sheetmusic

"Monogram" (music for six performers) op.13

Piano Sonata, op.14


A Few jokes for the wood-wind quartet op.15

Sonata for Violin and Piano in BH in three parts op.16 sheetmusic

"Swallow" (a song for the children's choir with piano accompaniment) op.17

"Children's Miniatures" (pieces for school-age children, who love music and playing the piano.) Book One (6 pieces) op.18 sheetmusic

"Ugly Girl" (thinking for baritone and piano on poems by N. Zabolotsky) op.19

"Song of the beauty of human faces for baritone and piano on poems by N. Zabolotsky" op.20

«Despair" (a composition for string orchestra), 2007 op.21


"Truth in tea" (terzetto for a singing actor, violin and piano) op.22

"Introduction and Waltz for Orchestra" op.23

"Memory Schnittke" (komprozitsiya for violin, double bass and fotepiano) op.24

"Passacaglia and Fugue" for violin fotepiano op.25 sheetmusic

Quartet #1 for Two Violins, Viola, Cello op.26


Symphony op.27

"Statica Stress» (a composition for chamber ensemble) op.28

Octet (for chamber ensemble) op.29


"Sharp and smooth" (miniatures for solo flute), op.30

"In search of an echo" (miniature for Tertset flutes) op.31

"The Moth" (miniature for flute quartet) op.32

5 Songs Without Words for Flute and String Trio op.33

"Ostinato kontrapunktiki" (music for flute, oboe, clarinet and bass clarinet) op.34

Quartet #2 for two violins, viola and cello, op.35 sheetmusic

«Measurement» (a composition for flute and string trio op.36

«At the Circus" for piano four hands op.37

«On the Volga and Mikula" for piano four hands op.38

«Moving" for piano, bass and soprano op.39


«Thinking" for double bass solo op.40 sheetmusic

«Contemplation" for orchestra op.41

«Relaxation" for piano op.42 sheetmusic

«Relaxation-2" for piano op.43

«Not chaconne" for flute, violin, viola, cello op.44

Five interludes for piano op.45

"Relaxation-3" for violin and piano op.46 sheetmusic

"Movement of the soul" for clarinet, violin and piano op.47 sheetmusic

"Avtomusic" for clarinet, violin and piano op.48

"Magic Flutes" for flute quintet op.49

"Relaxation-4" for violin and piano op.50 sheetmusic


"Pleasant surprises" for string orchestra op.51 sheetmusic

"Toccata" for solo violin op.52

Sonata for Cello and Piano op.53

Concerto for bassoon and string orchestra op.54

"The flow of cars on a suburban road" for violin, guitar and piano four hands op.55

Sonata for violin solo op.56

"Internal Overcome" for viola solo op. 57


"Sevivon" for flute and violin op. 58

"Relaxation-5" for violin and piano op. 59


"Aspiration" for clarinet and marimba op. 60

"25 Sentenses" for basson and strings op. 61

"Relaxation-6" (concerto №2 for basson and chember orchestra) op. 62 sheetmusic

"Tishizm" for viola and piano op. 63

Triptych for contrabass and piano op. 64


"If Joseph Haydn Met with Elvis Presley" for violin, contrabass and piano 4 hands  op. 65

Sonatina for harps quartet op. 66

"Dreams" (computer music) op. 67

String Quartet #3 op. 68

5 Bagatelles for saxophone quartet op. 69


"Metro Ostinato" for violin and piano op. 70

  Vladimir Orlov